21 Mar 2017

School fees for 2017-18 – ESF schools

To : Parents of ESF primary and secondary schools and Jockey Club Sarah Roe School

Dear Parents

ESF school fees for the academic year 2017-2018

I would like to personally thank you for your ongoing support and commitment that makes ESF such as success. It is a privilege to be entrusted with your child’s education and this responsibility is something we all at ESF take seriously. We understand the importance of engaging you in your child’s learning and in the life and work of the school.

It has been a productive and successful year for ESF with the launch of our 50th Anniversary and the second year implementation of the Strategic Plan. One of the strategic goals is to deepen partnerships with parents, and I am pleased to report that work towards achieving this continues to progress well. We know from your feedback that parents want their children to be happy in school, as well as successful learners. ESF wants this too. The quality of learning and teaching and students’ welfare are our top most priorities. My promise to you is that we will work tirelessly to provide your child with the best that education has to offer.

We are proud of ESF’s strong position as a successful education system, our record of exceptional academic results as well as our reputation for creating a nurturing learning environment where our students thrive. However, we are not complacent and continue to strive to improve our practice. We can, and will do even more to provide our students with a world-class education and to secure ESF’s position as a world leader in learning and teaching.

It is time for us to set the budget for the next academic year. As you know, the Government subvention will continue for all students in Years 3 to 13 in 2017-18. A new fee structure applies to students who joined ESF Year 1 in August 2016 and to students joining ESF Year 1 in August 2017.

Financial sustainability is of critical importance to us. I want to assure you that our financial planning takes careful account of the need for financial prudence, as well as the impact that any fee increase has on our parents. The average fee increase of 6.5% is at the minimum level necessary to meet our rising costs whilst maintaining the quality of education. We continue to work to a ‘best value model’ which ensures efficient and effective use of our resources.

The proposed fees for 2017-18 are summarised as follows:








Annual Tuition Fees


Annual Tuition Fees


Primary Years 1 (and 2)




Primary Years 3 to 6




Secondary Years 7 to 11




Secondary Years 12 to 13





The proposed 2017-18 fees are subject to final approval by the Education Bureau (EDB).

Once again, I want to thank you for your continued support and wish your child every success for the remainder of this academic year and into 2017-18.


Yours sincerely

Belinda Greer
Chief Executive Officer


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