ESF has traditionally taught the National Curriculum of England and Wales, adapted to the Hong Kong context. We used standardised assessments from Year 1 in order to measure progress and added value objectively. Schools are now moving to an overtly enquiry-based, investigative style of teaching and learning. Accordingly, primary schools are moving to the International Baccalaureate Organisation’s Primary Years Programme (PYP).

At secondary level, we continue with the adapted National Curriculum of England and Wales in Years 7 to 9, and then take GCSE and IGCSE courses. Renaissance and Discovery Colleges offer the IBO’s Middle Years Programme (MYP). At post-16, the majority of students follow the IB Diploma programme. At all levels, we seek to differentiate the curriculum to cater for students with learning difficulties, including at post-16, where we have introduced a four pathway model, the ESF Diploma.