ESF Primary & Secondary School Calendar 2017-18

Updated on 24 May 2017

Click on the link to download the calendar to your device (pdf):

ESF Calendar 2017-18 (FINAL)


  1. Calendar constructed to allow: one week mid-term break in Term 1; ten day mid-term break in Term 2 (to include Lunar New Year’s Eve); 3 week break at Christmas; and 2 week + 1 day break at Easter; year end in June.
  2. A Term 1 ESF CPD day date has been set for all schools. Additionally, all schools will need to identify 4 further CPD days.
  3. 2018 dependent on the Government gazetting of 2018 general holidays.
  4. Start date for 2018/2019 shown for indication only. We recommend individuals and families avoid making travel plans for August 2018 until the school start date and back to school work date are confirmed.