Online Application Instructions

General Instructions (for General and Central Applications):

Welcome to the online version of the ESF application for primary and secondary schools.

To get you started with the online application process, please read the instructions below. It has been our experience that applicants most successfully complete the application if they read the entire set of instructions before beginning.

The online application contains 10 sections, each designated by the following tabs:













Site Navigation

You can move from section to section within the online application by simply clicking one of the 10 tabs. In addition, there are a number of quick links, which can help you navigate through the OAS form.

‘Modify’ button – This function is available on the preview application page. If you wish to edit your application, you may go back to the application and make changes before submitting the application.

‘Submit’ button – This function is available after you have previewed the application and are ready to submit the application form.

‘Print’ button – This function is available after you submit your application. You should print a copy of the application for your records.

Privacy Policy – View our Privacy Policy on data collection and security.


Managing your Application

Before you start completing your application you will be asked the required Admissions Date. Please note this date is for our reference and is not a guarantee of placement.

Our schools will determine the Year Group for admission according to your child’s date of birth and the current education background. The Year Group may be adjusted to ensure your child’s date of birth matches the ESF system age requirements. See the ESF website under policy and procedures for Age to Year group table.

Once you have completed the application, you may preview the form before it is submitted. There is an ‘edit’ button to make any changes before submission. Once you hit the ‘submit’ button, the application is saved to the database and you will not be able to electronically edit any part of the application.

After submission if there are changes required to your application, you will need to email ESF at quoting your ‘application reference number’, your child’s name and details of changes required.

After successful submission, you will be asked to ‘print’ your application form. You should print two copies, one to retain for your records, the second to forward to the Admissions Office for the school with the supporting documents (listed on the application checklist). Please refer to the list of schools on the ESF website at for individual school addresses.



Completing the Application Form

The online application form will take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete; suggested maximum time for online form is 60 minutes. Please allow yourself enough time before you start.

Be sure to check your email address and make sure it is accurate; otherwise, you will not receive any confirmations or updates from the English Schools Foundation.

In addition, please make sure your email account will not block correspondence from English Schools Foundation. Some Internet Service Providers have very sensitive security settings.

Please note: all correspondence will bear the exact name and will be sent to the contact address (email or mailing) you enter in your application. Please make sure this information is correct.

Before you begin the online application, please have ready the following:

  1. Your child’s Hong Kong ID, passport or birth certificate number and date of birth details.
  2. If your child has siblings, their Hong Kong ID or passport number and date of birth details.
  3. Details of your child’s previous school history.
  4. A digital photo of your child saved on your computer.
  5. Credit Card details for application fee online payment

Data Fields

Mandatory fields are identified with a red asterisk *. If no information is available for input to a mandatory field, you should ‘click’ the ‘N/A’ (not applicable) button next to the field or type ‘NA’.

Digital Photo: You should upload your child’s digital photo to the application form. Please save a copy on your computer before you start the online application. Note that the digital photo is not mandatory.

After completing your application, click the submit button. The Online Admission System will verify all necessary data is entered correctly. There will be a delay of approximately 30-60 seconds before you view the next screen.

Once the online application form is submitted, the following will occur:

  1. You will see on the screen an ‘application slip’ with your 13-digit unique application reference number. This reference number along with your child’s name is used for enquiry and in correspondence with the school.
  2. You will receive an acknowledgement email from the Online Admissions System. (Please note you may not receive if your email address is incorrect or the security on your provider has blocked our school email.)


Application Fee – Online Payment

The final step for completed application is payment of the application fee. The application fee is HK$2,000. This is a non-refundable, non-transferable administration fee which covers the cost of the system and commissions paid to our ePayment service provider and admissions administration costs. The collection of this fee does not constitute any assurance that a school place will be offered. Method of payment is by VISA/MasterCard through PayDollar, our online payment service provider.

Please ensure that you have applied for the appropriate academic year. The HK$2,000 application fee will NOT be refunded for incorrect application or early application.

You will be redirected to for online payment. PayDollar is a leading, secure and reliable international payment service provider to banks and online merchants since 2000. Your payment details are securely transmitted to the acquiring bank. ESF will not have access or keep any of your credit card information.

PayDollar supports CVV/CVC check. You will be requested to enter the 3 or 4 digit code found on the back of your credit card. If you decide to use a VISA card issued by a bank which has launched the “Verified BY VISA”, or MasterCard Secure Code, you will be required by the bank to provide details for verification.

After payment is complete, you are prompted to print the payment result. You should forward a copy together with the support documents.

If your online payment fails, please write a HK$2,000 cheque payable to the “English Schools Foundation” with your child’s name and application reference number clearly printed on the back of the cheque. The cheque must be sent attached with the supporting documents.


Supporting Documents

In addition to the ESF application form, which can be submitted electronically, you are required to submit supporting documents according to the application checklist on the ESF website. An applicant can only be considered when the necessary documents are received.

A copy of the completed online application form must be attached to your supporting documents with TWO passport size photographs.

If you are applying under General Applications for ESF primary or secondary school, supporting documents must be sent to the school of zone according to your Hong Kong residential address. You can refer to the school zoning information and school address located on the ESF website.

If you are applying for Central Applications in September 2017 for Year 1 or Year 7 for the next academic year 2018/19, you will need to send your supporting documents by ‘registered post’ to the English Schools Foundation, Central Admissions, 25/F, 1063 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. Supporting documents must be received at the English Schools Foundation by 3 October 2017 for Year 7 and by 6 October 2017 for Year 1. We suggest parents do not wait until the Central Admissions deadline of 30 September 2017 to submit online application.

For late applications to Year 1 submitted after 31 October 2017, please send your supporting documents directly to your school of zone.


Final Thoughts

Before you begin work on your online application form, please be aware of the following:

Check the information and items to have ready to ensure you know exactly what needs to be submitted in order for you to be considered for admission.

If you are using a computer which is not your own, when you have completed application, please be sure to close your browser for security reasons to protect your personal data.

For general applications, your child’s application will be placed on the school of zone’s waiting list. The Admissions Office at the school will contact you for admissions assessment when there is place availability for your child. (In the case of central application to Year 7, ESF Centre will contact you.)

If you are not sure that your application was submitted, for example you did not receive an Application Reference Number, it is your responsibility to contact the English Schools Foundation to ensure your application was received on our database.

If you have any enquiry or questions regarding completing the ‘online application’ please email or call the ESF Admissions hotline at (+852) 3762 2411.

Updated on: 30 Aug 2017