Year 6 Students Transfering to Year 7 from an ESF Primary School – Key Dates

Please note the following key dates:

4 -15 September 2017

Parents complete secondary transfer form on Gateway.

1 December 2017

Offer letters sent by secondary school of zone for place.

15 December 2017

Deadline to confirm places offered by payment of deposit and refundable capital levy.

Parents wishing their child to transfer from an ESF primary school to an ESF secondary school need to submit a transfer application for Year 7 (available only on Gateway). All ESF secondary school offers are accepted with a two year commitment before any transfer request.

Applications are processed according to current residential address at the time of application; change of residential address following submission of application and prior to entry to Year 7 will not be considered.

All Year 6 students enrolled in an ESF primary school by 1 December 2017 are guaranteed a place in an ESF secondary school on completion of Year 6, with the following provisos:

  • A student joining before the end of Year 5 is guaranteed a place at the secondary school of zone according to residential address at the time of application;
  • A student joining Year 6 on or after 14 August 2017 is guaranteed an ESF secondary school place but not necessarily at the school of zone (conditions for period of commitment will apply). 
  • A student residing in Discovery Bay is zoned to Island School unless requesting to follow a sibling currently attending another ESF secondary school.

A student joining Year 6 after 1 December 2017 cannot be guaranteed a secondary school place but will be given high priority on any waiting list.

Important note:

ESF reserves the right to redirect students based on majority of transferring cohorts in primary school should there be overcapacity at any of the secondary schools. ESF also reserves the right to change the present zones to reflect the distribution of transfer applications. Secondary school zones will be confirmed in November 2017. Any changes to existing zones will be posted on ESF and school websites on or before 24 November 2017.

Updated: 30 June 2017