Chinese in ESF kindergartens and primary


Chinese in ESF kindergartens and primary schools

Chinese lesson at ESF Kennedy School

Chinese is a mandatory core subject in ESF kindergartens and primary schools.

A three-pathway programme is in place in all primary schools which caters for students who learn Chinese as a foreign, second or near native language. Each pathway is different in the nature of learning, but each provides opportunities for students to learn at an appropriate pace whilst being appropriately challenging. Central to our teaching philosophy is empowering students to learn through a fruitful and enjoyable learning experiences. The four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing are taught in all three pathways. The Chinese programme maximises the opportunities for students to reach a level that would help them to live and work in a Chinese speaking community. The programme is taught in Putonghua.

Chinese culture is a prominent element in the curriculum and an indispensable part in units of inquiry of the PYP. Students learn about Chinese people, their history and society in daily lessons and in a wide range of specially designed activities. Those conducted locally and in the mainland supplement classroom learning with authentic rich experiences.

The three-pathway programme is also in place in all ESF secondary schools. In Year 6, all students complete a transitional assessment to ensure their placement in secondary school will best benefit their future study of Chinese.