About the ESF Kindergarten Class A Debenture

1. How much is the Class A Kindergarten Debenture?

The cost is HK$500,000. Parents must pay a deposit of HK$50,000 with the Debenture Application Form. The HK$450,000 balance is due seven days following your child being offered a place at the Kindergarten.

2. Who can purchase the Class A Debenture?

A child born in 2020 applying for K1 admissions to August 2023 may purchase the Class A Debenture. It will give the child a priority ‘fast track’ for a ‘play-visit’ for a kindergarten place.

3. Is this Class A Debenture mandatory for all parents to purchase?

No. The Class A Debenture is optional. If parents do not purchase a Class A Debenture, the Class B Debenture HK$7,000 is paid upon joining the kindergarten. This is refundable when the child graduates from K2.

4. Is the Class A Debenture refundable or transferrable?

The deposit of HK$50,000 for the Debenture is refundable if the child is not successful in gaining a place at Kindergarten. If the student is suggested for placement within the learning support provision or Jockey Club Sarah Roe School and is processed through the ‘admissions and review process’ (ARP) for placement, the Debenture will be refunded if there is no immediate available Year 1 placement. It will not be converted into an INR.

All outstanding fees or other amounts owing to the Kindergarten must be settled before the Class A Debenture can be redeemed.

The Class A Debenture is non-redeemable once the acceptance of a Year 1 place at an ESF primary school or college is confirmed by the parent.

The Class A Debenture is non-transferrable.

5. What happens if my child completes K2 and is offered a Year 1 place and parents decline the offer? Will the HK$500,000 Class A Debenture be refunded?

The Debenture is redeemed in full upon graduation from Kindergarten. All outstanding fees or other amounts owing to the Kindergarten must be settled before the Class A Debenture can be redeemed.

6. What happens if parents decline the offer of the Kindergarten place?

The deposit of HK$50,000 is refunded and the application process is completed and removed from the Kindergarten list. It will not be considered for an alternative ESF Kindergarten.

7. What happens when my child completes K2? Will my child have a priority through-train into primary school?

Yes. The Class A Kindergarten Debenture will be fully and immediately converted into an Individual Nomination Rights for Year 1 and parents will have a choice of school based on quota availability for a ESF School or College. The child is guaranteed an ESF School or College subject to be able to benefit from a mainstream English education.

In the case of taking a Year 1 place at one of the Colleges, only HK$400,000 out of the HK$500,000 will be applied to convert into an Individual Nomination Right. The difference of HK$100,000 will be refunded to the Debenture Holder.

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For enquiries, please email: kindergarten.admissions@esfcentre.edu.hk

Updated: 20 July 2022