Year 6 Students Transfering to Year 7 from an ESF Primary School

Please note the following key dates:

1-17 September 2021

Parents complete the Gateway secondary Year 7 transfer form

29 November 2021

Year 7 offer letters are sent via email from ESF Centre

10 December 2021

Deadline to confirm places the Year 7 place offered. ESF primary students are required to pay the deposit to confirm the place

ESF’s all-through education, K1 to Y13, enables a seamless transition from kindergarten to primary and from Year 6 to secondary. The close links our primary schools have with their associated secondary schools play an important role in delivering a positive experience and a good start to the year, for our Year 7 students.

Starting with this year’s Year 6 allocation for Year 7, ESF will process and allocate according to an ‘associated secondary school’ for Year 7 placement.

Primary SchoolAllocated Secondary School
Bradbury SchoolSouth Island School
Quarry Bay SchoolSouth Island School
Glenealy SchoolIsland School
Peak SchoolIsland School
Kennedy SchoolWest Island School
Beacon Hill SchoolIsland School
Kowloon Junior SchoolKing George V School
Clearwater Bay SchoolKing George V School
Sha Tin Junior SchoolSha Tin College

Allocation for secondary school will be by ‘associated secondary school’ and NOT determined by the residential address. As academic 2022-23 is the first year, ESF will grandfather all current Year 6 students who wish to transition according to their residential zoned address. This means a family may choose to opt-out by indicating ‘yes’ when completing their Year 7 transfer form. All Year 6 students transitioning from 2022-23 onwards will be by associated secondary school. Please contact your ESF primary school for details.

Parents wishing their child to transfer from an ESF primary school to an ESF secondary school need to submit a transfer application for Year 7 (available only on Gateway). All ESF secondary school offers are accepted with a two-year commitment before any transfer request regardless of residential address.

All Year 6 students enrolled in an ESF primary school by 29 November 2021 are guaranteed a place in an ESF secondary school on completion of Year 6.

For Year 6 students in Learning Support (LS): your child’s placement will be managed and allocated through a different process that takes account of the availability of Year 7 LS placements across all secondary schools. Your child’s Year 7 placement will be confirmed by 29 November 2021.

A student joining Year 6 on or after 29 November 2021 cannot be guaranteed a secondary school place but will be given high priority on the waitlist for a Year 7 place.

For Renaissance College and Discovery College Year 6 students

The guarantee of Year 7 place is with the corresponding secondary sections. Transfer requests to an ESF secondary school may be considered based on availability and date of written request starting from 1 September 2021 to the ESF Admissions Manager. There is no guarantee of transfer to Year 7 in an ESF Secondary School.

Please note transfer between a private independent school and ESF school and vice versa will mean payment of deposit and capital/building levy to take up the school place. See the school fees.

Updated: 31 August 2021