About ESF Nomination Rights Schemes

1. If I plan to apply for an Individual Nomination Right, do I need to complete an online application form?

Yes. Applicants will need to complete an online application form and also an Individual Nomination Rights (INR) application form, which is available for download from the ESF website. The INR application and cheque are submitted in hard copy to ESF Centre.

2. When can I make an INR application and where do I submit the form?

INR applications may be made at any time, with the exception of Year 1 and Year 7 entry in August 2023, which can only be made from 2 to 30 September 2022. Applications should be submitted to ESF Centre, 25/F, 1063 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. All Nomination Rights applications will be handled by the ESF Centre.

3. In what order are the INR applications processed?

INR applications registered today before midnight will be processed before the applications are received on the next day. INR applications with cheque received will be processed accordingly by online date order and time received.

Applications received within the same day will be processed in random order and will NOT be processed on a first come first served basis.

4. How are the INR Nominees prioritised for admissions into ESF schools?

INR nominees are the fifth priority after Corporate NR nominees, staff’s children and siblings of ESF students.

5. Can a company apply for a Nomination Right?

No. The nominee has to be a named individual on the application form. The INR holder must be a parent of the nominee. However, a company can apply for a Corporate Nomination Right (click here for details).

6. How many INR places will be available?

In any academic year, the number of places offered to INR applicants will be limited to 150 across all ESF schools from Years 1 to 13.

7. Is the HK$50,000 deposit refundable?

The HK$50,000 deposit is refundable only if the child fails the admissions assessment.

8. When is the HK$450,000 balance due?

If the child passes the assessment, the HK$450,000 must be paid when the place is accepted.

9. Is the HK$500,000 refundable or transferrable?

No, the HK$500,000 is for a named individual and is non-transferable and non-refundable once paid for a confirmed place.

10. Is placement guaranteed for INR Nominees?

Placement is subject to success at interview/assessment and place availability. Priority is accorded to waitlist placement and consequent timing of consideration for interview/assessment.

11. Can I choose the school where I apply for an INR?

Yes, placement is subject to availability at the school and a commitment to remain at the school for a defined period. INR applicants may indicate up to three schools in order of preference at which the Nominee can be considered. Waitlist placement will be considered for each school listed in turn. Nominees must be prepared to attend any of the schools indicated. A transfer is possible after a period of time, but it is applicable only if the family resides in the school zone. Nominees must undertake to make their own travel arrangements if living outside the area covered by the school bus service.

12. What kind of admissions interview/assessment do INR applicants need to go through? How will an overseas family be assessed?

Like all other applicants, the INR Nominees will go through the standard interview assessment procedures. Overseas families will be assessed when they are in Hong Kong.

13. Is the ESF INR scheme open for applications ESF International Kindergartens?

No. There is no INR scheme for the five ESF International Kindergartens.

14. Is the INR scheme available for Learning Support and Jockey Club Sarah Roe School?

No. The INR scheme is not applicable to applicants for Learning Support and Jockey Club Sarah Roe School. There are separate admissions procedures. Please see the details here.

15. How much in total do I need pay if my child is finally enrolled to an ESF school via the INR process?

After confirmation of a school place, INR applicants will have to pay the INR balance of HK$450,000, the admissions deposit and the non-refundable capital levy of HK$38,000 (for Year 1) and will be reduced, on a sliding scale, for students who join the system in later years. Please see here for details of the payments required.

16. The HK$50,000 deposit is refundable only if the child fails the admissions interview. What about if the child does not show up for the interview, or they give up the place after paying the deposit?

There will not be any refund in these cases.

Updated: 16 August 2022