Professional Services Overview

Everything we do at ESF is to help every child be the best they can be –  through excellent schools and teachers who are committed to making a real difference in the classroom.

ESF teachers enjoy world-leading training, development and leadership programmes – many of them are also open to teachers from other schools.

ESF Training and Development Calendar

Features multiple courses, workshops and programmes for practitioners. Places are available on many of these courses for educators from outside of ESF. Click HERE to view the calendar.

ESF Leadership Programmes

ESF’s Leadership Programmes use the latest research, thinking and practice to develop exceptional leadership. Leaders are empowered to drive change, manage complex issues, innovate and to continually improve outcomes and adapt to the changing world of education.

Our programmes help build capacity of school teams. They include strategies for teachers taking their first steps into leadership, courses for emerging leaders and events to inspire established leaders. Come and join some of the most exciting, innovative and forward looking leadership programme going.

More Information and Enrolment

For more information about ESF Training and Development courses and Leadership Programmes, contact Jacques Perche, Head of Continuous Development at