Peak School

Founded : 1911

Age range : 5 to 11

Number of students : 350

Curriculum : IB Primary Years Programme

ESF Peak School opened in 1911 and grew rapidly to serve the needs of the community in the area. It moved into its current buildings in 1954. The school has 360 places mainly serving the Peak area of Hong Kong. The school prides itself on being a community school that respects and appreciates the contributions of everyone involved.

Peak School offers the PYP which is based on an inquiry approach to learning. We live by and up to all the attributes and attitudes of the Learner Profile to develop students who are open minded, knowledgeable, confident, caring and internationally minded.

Peak School is an extremely well resourced school and has a team of highly committed and skillful staff. The school makes provision for children with moderate learning difficulties with support from our Learner Enhancement Team. Boasting a large playing field, the envy of schools across Hong Kong, the school is fortunate to be able to have all children playing together at both snack and lunch breaks. This helps enhance the ‘family atmosphere’ which we proudly foster.


Bill Garnett

Address: 20 Plunkett’s Road, The Peak, Hong Kong
Tel: (+852) 2849 7211
Fax: (+852) 2849 7151
E-mail (office):
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Magazine Gap Road, May Road, Peak Road, Middle Gap Road, Coombe Road, Mansfield Road, Barker Road, the Peak area, Bowen Road and Borrett Road, all of Kennedy Road, Macdonnell Road and all Central District hotels.