ESF Tung Chung International Kindergarten

Founded : 2016

Age range : 3 to 5

Number of students : 300

Curriculum : IB Primary Years Programme

The custom designed school for three to five year olds in Tung Chung opened in 2016. It is structured into morning and afternoon three-hour sessions for both K1 and K2. Tung Chung Kindergarten offers two educational streams: Bilingual and English. The space is functional, adaptable and well-resourced to meet the dynamic needs of the three to five year olds who inhabit it. The spaces are carefully and intentionally planned, and are also places of beauty that support learning, stimulate imaginations, nurture children, families and staff – and truly inspire the wonderful memories of childhood. Both indoor and outdoor spaces, materials, technology and equipment intrigue, invite, and stimulate students to inquire into the world around them. Children are encouraged to express their learning and thinking in various ways including through play, language, the Arts, and scientific and mathematical explorations.

The school reflects our aspiration for each of our children to flourish. Our goal is to nourish each child, individually, and meet their changing social and emotional needs every day. We create an environment to which children feel a strong connection and sense of belonging. We provide children with firm foundational skills for future academic success and also to equip them to participate as flexible, creative thinkers and engaged citizens in an increasingly complex and interdependent world.

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Address: 1/F, Commercial Accommodation, The Visionary, 1 Ying Hong Street, Tung Chung, Lantau, N.T.
Tel: +852 3742 3500