Senior Management

The ESF senior management team is responsible for leading and managing the organisation. The team oversees a number of functions at the ESF Centre which supports the administration and development of ESF international schools. These functions include education, professional development, admissions, finance, audit, human resources, facilities development, information technology, alumni relations, fund-raising and communications.

The team ensures that policies are implemented consistently across the organisation and high standards are maintained.

  • Belinda Greer
    Chief Executive Officer
    Belinda Greer
  • Charles Caldwell
    Director of Human Resources
    Charles Caldwell
  • John Stewart
    Director of Facilities
    John Stewart
  • Mark Blackshaw
    Director of Education
    Mark Blackshaw
  • Niamh Mckeague
    Director of Governance
    Niamh Mckeague
  • Rob Shorthouse
    Director of Strategy and Communications
    Rob Shorthouse
  • Vivian Cheung
    Chief Financial Officer
    Vivian Cheung

ESF Centre is located at Quarry Bay. Click HERE for directions.