The ESF Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is broadly constituted and includes ten independent members, seven directly elected parent members, one Committee of Parents Governor, three School Council Chairmen, four members of staff (including a principal) and the Chief Executive Officer (ex officio).

The current membership of the ESF Board of Governors is as follows:

Independent Governors
Mr Abraham Shek, GBS JP
Ms Pauline Ng, SBS
Mr Alec Tong
Chairman of the Audit Committee
Mr Samuel Houston
Chairman of the Finance Committee
Mr Paul Varty
Chairman of the Remuneration Committee
Dr York Chow, MBE GBS SBS
Mr Kumar Ramanathan, SC
Prof Nirmala Rao
Ms Denise Kee
School Council Chairmen
Ms Virginia Morris
Mr Gregory Lo
Mr Mike Hudson
Directly Elected Parent Governors
Mr Marcos Bertamini
Mr Francis Carroll
Ms Shareen Hellen
Dr Tom Patton
Dr Connie Liu
Mr Craig Sanderson
Directly Elected SEN Parent Governor
Mrs Dayna Lim Cheung
Committee of Parents’ Governor
Ms Christine Meaney
Committee of Principals’ Governor
Dr Harry Brown
Committee of Teaching Staff’s Governors
Mr Paul Anderson
Mr Sean Wray
Committee of Support Staff’s Governors
Mr George Tibbetts
Chief Executive Officer (ex officio)
Mrs Belinda Greer

Updated: 5 October 2018