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23 Nov 2018

Does ESF have Hong Kong’s Fastest Executives?

Probably not, but we can still raise money for a fantastic charity, Room To Read.

Next Friday will not be a normal, average working day for the three of us. Instead of heading into the office with our clothes neatly ironed and lunches packed, we will don our trainers and running vests to take part in the Hong Kong’s Fastest Executive Race. The ESF HR Director will be chased by the Internal Auditor – with the Director of Communication on hand to document the proceedings. Whether that ends up the order by the end of the race is anyone’s guess!

The arduous 13km route will see Team ESF running from Pok Fu Lam all the way over and under the Hong Kong Trail to Wanchai. Along the way we will be sprinting up steep hills, pushing our way through an overgrown, typhoon-ravaged forest trail and trying to keep our feet as we dash up and down some fairly intimidating flights of stairs. Why are we doing? This is a question we have asked ourselves a lot over the past few weeks! The reason is simple: we are supporting an amazing charity.

Room to Read helps children, especially girls, access education in developing countries and low-income communities. Working as we do in teaching and learning, we know just how much of a difference education makes to lives. Tens of thousands of young people have been given that all important leg-up thanks to the incredible work of Room to Read. Moreover, Room To Read’s generous supporters have offered up HK$585,000 in matching funds as we close in on the final week before the race. Contributions made in the next week will truly make a literary difference.

We therefore write to seek support from the ESF Community. We are grateful for any sponsorship of our run, regardless of size, to support Room to Read. To sponsor our team, click our Room To Read fundraising page HERE, which will see donations go directly to Room To Read. Any and all donations are gratefully received. We thank you in advance for your support!

Thank you – and wish us luck. We are going to need it!

Yours sincerely,

Charles Caldwell, ESF Director of Human Resources

Eva Pang, ESF Internal Auditor

Rob Shorthouse, ESF Director of Communications