ESF Centre

ESF Centre is responsible for the administration of all ESF schools. While each school enjoys a high degree of autonomy, the Centre ensures that policies are implemented consistently across the organisation and that standards of quality are uniformly high. The Centre also administers those functions that are logistically demanding and best handled from a single point or that can deliver economies of scale when managed centrally.

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Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer, Belinda Greer, is responsible to the Board of Governors for all aspects of ESF's work and in particular for providing the board with professional advice on current and future strategy and development. She also oversees a number of ESF Centre functions, including Information Technology and Internal Audit.


The Education Development Department provides support and advice on school leadership, training, learning and evaluation. Working with School Councils and leadership teams, it advises on curriculum development and the recruitment of staff, as well as overseeing standards and quality.

Director of Education is David Whalley. Rebecca Clements is the Senior School Development Officer (Primary and Early Years) and Kirsty de Wilde is the Learning and Teaching Adviser (Secondary).

Head for Professional Development and Language Development is Jacques-Olivier Perche. The other members of the team are Nicki Holmes (Inclusion Team Leader and Educational Psychologist), Xiaoping Wang (Chinese Adviser) and Palmy Tong (Business & Events Manager).


Admissions Manager is Julie Wong. Her team manages all the admission policies and procedures for all ESF schools.

Human Resources

Director of Human Resources is Charles Caldwell. His department is responsible for the development of personnel policies and procedures and for employment terms across the organisation. It also manages a substantial international recruitment process for new teachers every year.


Chief Financial Officer is Vivian Cheung. Her team is responsible for ESF’s budgetary processes and the production of financial reports to meet regulatory requirements and the information needs of management. It is also responsible for the administration of billing and payroll. 

Facilities Development

Director of Facilities is John Stewart. His department supervises the maintenance and repair of all the school and residential buildings within ESF. It also manages major refurbishment projects and the construction of entirely new buildings, such as Discovery College which opened in Summer 2008 and Kowloon Junior School's Perth Street campus.


Director of Advancement is Terri Appel. The advancement team manages alumni relations, donations and corporate partnerships.  


The Communications team manages communications, media relations and marketing. There are two members in the team: Susanna Chiu, Communications Manager and Melody Chan, Communications Officer.