The ESF Ordinance (Amendment) Bill, passed by the Legislative Council in 2008, led to extensive changes in the Foundation’s governance structure. The previous structure, consisting of an Executive Committee and a 130-member Foundation, was replaced by a 26-member Board of Governors. ESF now has a strong and balanced governance structure that effectively enables a variety of stakeholders to participate in the decision-making process.

The Board of Governors has overall responsibility for managing ESF’s affairs, maintaining its educational standards and administering its property portfolio. Its principal functions include working with the Chief Executive Officer to establish strategic direction, review the overall curriculum strategy for all schools and ensure the efficient use of resources.

The Board is responsible for ensuring effective communication between parents and staff and for maintaining procedures for the recruitment, retention, management, development and support of all employees. Its responsibilities also include selecting and appraising the performance of the Chief Executive Officer and approving the appointment of all senior staff.
The Board is supported by a number of committees, including standing committees for Remuneration, Audit and Finance.

Each ESF primary and secondary school has a school council in accordance with the resolutions of the Board of Governors. Within this framework, the main responsibilities include working with the Principal to establish a strategic direction, approving the curriculum, ensuring that the needs of students are met and approving the annual budget. School councils are also responsible for approving senior appointments, implementing effective procedures for staff management and development and, most importantly, appraising the performance of the Principal.

The Board of Governors is broadly constituted and includes ten independent members, seven directly elected parent members, one Committee of Parents Governor, three School Council Chairmen, four members of staff (including a principal) and the Chief Executive Officer (ex officio).

The current membership of the Board is as follows: 

Independent GovernorsMr Abraham Shek, GBS, JP

Ms Elizabeth Bosher              

Mr Robert Gazzi
Mr Alexander Chan
Dr P M Kam
Mr Kumar Ramanathan, SC
Ms Pauline Ng, SBS
Prof Nirmala Rao
Dr Kelvin Wong, JP
Mrs Judy Woo
School Council ChairmenMs Elaine Leung
Ms Virginia Morris
Ms Judy Vas
Directly Elected Parent GovernorsMr Ronald Abbott
Mr Francis Carroll
Dr Connie Liu
Dr Andrea (Andy) Lowe
Ms Scarlett Mattoli
Dr Schumann Tang
Directly Elected SEN Parent GovernorMrs Kim Anderson
Committee of Parents' GovernorMr Marc Castagnet
Committee of Principals' GovernorMrs Brenda Cook
Committee of Teaching Staff's GovernorsMr Paul Clarke
Mr Matthew Caplin
Committee of Support Staff's GovernorsMr Mike Draeger
Chief Executive Officer (ex officio)Mrs Belinda Greer

There are also standing committees for Remuneration, Audit and Finance. Each of our schools has a Council which comprises a Chairman and representatives of parents, teachers, support staff and the wider community, as well as the Chief Executive’s representative. The relationship between these different bodies is represented in this diagram:

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