Vision, Mission and Values


To be respected in Hong Kong and worldwide for the quality of the education we offer; and to be celebrated by students and parents for the joy we bring to young people’s learning.


ESF offers a personalised and inclusive approach to learning for students of all abilities, with programmes based mainly on the values of the International Baccalaureate. We achieve excellence through recruiting and developing principals, teachers and support staff of the highest calibre and providing high quality facilities to support their work. We build partnerships with parents, alumni and our local communities. Chinese language and culture form a critical component of our curriculum and we are deeply committed to our origins and development in Hong Kong.


We strive to be a world-class learning organisation that contributes to the development of Hong Kong. Therefore, as members of the ESF team, we commit to:

  • being passionate about learning and teaching;
  • having high expectations for every student;
  • empowering the people we work with;
  • discovering and building talent;
  • respecting the needs and rights of others;
  • fostering cultural understanding;
  • building trust by demonstrating integrity;
  • being accountable for what we do and the resources we use;
  • taking care of our environment to help ensure the future of our world;
  • continually improving our practice.

A copy of the Teaching and Learning Policy can be downloaded here