Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is broadly constituted and includes ten independent members, seven directly elected parent members, one Committee of Parents Governor, three School Council Chairmen, four members of staff (including a principal) and the Chief Executive Officer (ex officio).

The current membership of the ESF Board of Governors is as follows: 

Independent GovernorsMr Abraham Shek, GBS, JP
Ms Pauline Ng, SBS
Mr Samuel George Houston
Mr Alexander Chan
Dr P M Kam
Mr Kumar Ramanathan, SC
Prof Nirmala Rao
Dr Kelvin Wong, JP
Mr Paul Varty
Mrs Judy Woo
School Council ChairmenMs Elaine Leung
Ms Virginia Morris
Ms Judy Vas
Directly Elected Parent GovernorsMr Ronald Abbott
Mr Francis Carroll
Ms Shareen Hellen
Dr Dannis Au
Ms Scarlett Mattoli
Dr Schumann Tang
Directly Elected SEN Parent GovernorMrs Dayna Lim Cheung
Committee of Parents' Governor

Ms Christine Meaney

Committee of Principals' GovernorMrs Brenda Cook
Committee of Teaching Staff's GovernorsMs Amanda Barton
Mr Andrew Greene
Committee of Support Staff's GovernorsMr Bob Priest
Chief Executive Officer (ex officio)Mrs Belinda Greer
Click on the links below to view the Board's meeting summary notes and the Chief Executive Officer's Reports.


The Board's meeting summary notes and the Chief Executive Officer's Reports will not be available on the ESF website after November 2016. In the future, you may contact any ESF school offices for these documents.


12 Sept 2016 CEO's Report
12 Sept 2016 summary notes


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16 Dec 2015 CEO's Report
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15 Nov 2015 CEO's Report
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15 Sept 2015 CEO's Report
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15 June 2015 CEO's Report
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20 May 2015 CEO's Report
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25 Mar 2015 CEO's Report
25 Mar 2015 summary notes
28 Jan 2015 CEO's Report
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11 Dec 2014 CEO's Report
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29 Oct 2014 CEO's Report
29 Oct 2014 summary notes
24 Sept 2014 CEO's Report
24 Sept 2014 summary notes
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