Teachers Remuneration Package

We offer a very attractive salary and benefits package to ensure that ESF recruits and retains the highest calibre teachers. Our teachers need well developed ICT skills and will be expected to play a full role in pastoral work as well as being totally committed to the extra curricular activities offered by their school.

Terms and conditions of an ESF Primary / Secondary teacher for school year 2014-15 are as follows:

(For terms and conditions of Early Years Teachers in the ESF International Kindergartens, please click HERE)  

A. Contract

Unless specified, the contract period is two years. A further contract may follow, if this is mutually agreed.

B. Professional Development

Teachers are required to attend Continuous Professional Development training outside of normal class contact time. Five days are assigned to this purpose.

C. Salary

Base PayTLR
The current exchange rate (Sep 2014) is $12.67 = £1

Teaching Staff
A 15-point pay scale* ranges from HK$414,900 to HK$726,120 per year.

*This refers to the New 15-Point Teacher's Pay Scale effective 1 August 2013. Please be aware that the organization will have two scales running in parallel while the old scale is being phased out. Going forward all new teachers are placed on the 15-Point Teacher's Pay Scale.

Vice Principal
A salary scale based on a minimum salary, mid point salary and a maximum salary for the role is in place.

Teaching and Learning Responsibility Award (TLR) are for additional responsibilities. These are awarded to teachers, but not to vice principals.

TLR 1 - 4 allowances range from HK$14,140 to HK$3,540 per month.

D. Benefits

The Benefits Package includes:

  1. Education Allowance:
    80% remission of Foundation’s school fees for up to three dependant children. Allowance provided subject to Double Benefits Rule.
  2. Cash Allowance (in lieu of housing allowance):
    Teacher: A cash allowance of HK$8,050 per month. Allowance provided subject to Double Benefits Rule. 
    Vice Principal: A cash allowance of HK$12,650 per month. Allowance provided subject to Double Benefits Rule.
  3. Medical/Dental Scheme:
    Teachers and their dependants (spouse and up to three dependant children) will be included in the Foundation’s medical/dental scheme.
  4. Passages and Hotel:
    On first appointment, teachers who are recruited from outside of Hong Kong will be assisted with one-way economy air passages to Hong Kong for themselves and dependants (spouse and up to three dependant children) and 14 nights of hotel accomodation.
  5. Pension:
    Teachers will be enrolled in the statutory Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Scheme.
  6. Gratuity:
    A gratuity shall be an amount which is equivalent to 20% of the gross salary (excluding cash allowance) earned in that period relative to the contract.


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