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25 Feb 2020

EDB Announce In-School Class Suspension Extended

Dear Parent

Earlier today, the Secretary for Education announced that in-school classes will now be suspended until after the Easter Holidays. For ESF, this means that your child should not attend school until Monday April 20.

He also confirmed that the monetary value of the Student Grant Scheme has been raised to HK$3,500 per student. As you know, we recently told you that the deadline for submitting your form to your school had been extended until Friday March 20. In order to ensure that your form is processed on time, we are going to stick with that date. However, as you cannot access your school, we are now asking that you post it instead.

This only applies to those parents who have not already submitted their form. If you have already completed everything and given it to your school, you do not need to do anything else.

If you do need to post it, please do just send it to the general school address. You can get the address for all of our schools on the ESF website. Please do make sure that you have it with us by Friday March 20.

Even although in-school class suspension has been extended, we remain committed to making good on the pledges we made to you when this period began. We are absolutely determined to make sure that every single one of our students continues to progress with their learning.

We are incredibly grateful to you for your ongoing support.

Rob Shorthouse
Director of Strategy and Communications


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will you be cancelling the Easter Holiday?

No, we are not cancelling the Easter Holiday. Classes are suspended but students and teachers are still working.

Many of you will have already made plans to travel.

We are working with Secondary Principals to explore the possibility of running additional, optional classes for some students during the Easter break and at weekends. These would be offered on a voluntary basis and would not be official school days when it comes to marking attendance. Schools will be finalising these plans and will communicate with you about them.

2. What about extending the current School Year?

Again, there are no plans to do this. Our focus at present is on continuing to do what we are doing right now – and that is delivering continuity and progression in students’ learning. We know that a large majority of our staff – and our families – leave on holiday at the end of the school year, so it simply wouldn’t be logistically possible to do this.

3. Will there still be CPD days?

We need to maximise the remaining time available in this current academic year to students being in school. Schools have postponed all of their scheduled CPD days.

4. Will you be offering a refund or a discount on school fees?

While classes may have been suspended, learning has not stopped. Our schools are still open in the sense that teachers are still teaching and learners are still learning.

We appreciate that the current situation might be causing families financial difficulties. If that is the case, please contact your school. There are relief measures available to parents – and we will try and work with you in order to be flexible around areas such as payment plans.