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11 Jun 2019

Thank you and goodbye to dedicated ESF staff

William Liang has worked with us for over 38 years at Island School. He will be missed by many of us!

As the end of term draws near, it is time for us to bid farewell and express our sincere gratitude to colleagues who are retiring or moving on to new challenges.

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Mark Beach

Mark joined Discovery College in 2007 as the founding Principal.



Perry Tunesi

Perry joined ESF in 1988 as teacher of Quarry Bay School and was then promoted to Deputy Principal of Kowloon Junior School in 1992.  Perry became the Principal of Peak School in 1998 and has been the Principal of Sha Tin Junior School since 2009.

Adrian Gan

Adrian joined Discovery College as MYP Coordinator in 2008.  He was appointed as Vice Principal of the College in 2010.


Annette Ainsworth

Annette joined ESF in 1994 as teacher of Kennedy School. She was appointed as Deputy Principal of Peak School in 2002 and then in 2008 became Vice Principal of the school.


Annette Chapman

Annette joined ESF in 1986 as teacher of South Island School, and was appointed as Vice Principal of the school in 2008. Annette was the acting Principal of Jockey Club Sarah Roe School for the first half year in 2014, and the acting Principal of South Island School for the period between January 2018 and August 2018.

Crispian Farrow

Crispian joined ESF as teacher of Sha Tin College in 2009.  Crispian has been seconded to ESF Centre as part-time Secondary Learning Technology Advisor since 2013.


John Ainsworth

John joined ESF in 1993 as teacher of Kennedy School. John was transferred to Bradbury School in 2002. He was appointed as acting Deputy Principal in 2003 and Deputy Principal in 2007. John has been the Vice Principal of Bradbury School since 2009.

Paul Hoang

Paul joined ESF as teacher of Sha Tin College in 2002. He was promoted as Vice Principal of Sha Tin College in 2015.


Susan Carey

Susan joined ESF as teacher of South Island School in September 2001. She transferred to West Island School in 2014 and was promoted as Vice Principal of West Island School in 2016.



Suzanne Thomas

Suzanne first joined ESF as Assistant Principal of South Island School in 2004 and has been Vice Principal since 2010. She was appointed as Vice Principal of Discovery College in 2012.


Other long-serving staff who have been with us for over 10 years:

SchoolNameYears of service
Beacon Hill SchoolRaj Jagtiani11
Beacon Hill SchoolJane Farago11
Bradbury SchoolJohn Ainsworth26
Bradbury SchoolCarol Farrington22
Bradbury SchoolSuen Mui Kei13
Bradbury SchoolJenny Chen11
Bradbury SchoolRuth Haslett11
Clearwater Bay SchoolZena Deal20
Clearwater Bay SchoolDavid Mead14
Clearwater Bay SchoolJustine Taylor14
Discovery CollegeSue Thomas15
Discovery CollegeAdrian Gan12
Discovery CollegeMark Beach12
Discovery CollegeDion Kay10
Glenealy SchoolJanice Man11
ESF Hillside International KindergartenLiu Sun Mui20
Island SchoolWilliam Liang39
Island SchoolRebecca Lucas11
Island SchoolEmily Leung10
Jockey Club Sarah Roe SchoolRita Wong26
Jockey Club Sarah Roe SchoolIrene Setunga20
King George V SchoolHo Yiu Tung44
King George V SchoolDuncan Mclntyre24
King George V SchoolPamela Mills14
King George V SchoolWong Siu Yuk12
Kowloon Junior SchoolSteve Davenport23
Kowloon Junior SchoolBahadur Chahal19
Kowloon Junior SchoolAnnette Leone18
Kowloon Junior SchoolSiu Leung Heung13
Peak SchoolAnnette Ainsworth25
Quarry Bay SchoolNaomi De-Alwis17
Quarry Bay SchoolChiara Ooi11
Quarry Bay SchoolKeith Purton26
Quarry Bay SchoolColin Sercombe11
Renaissance CollegeAsma Syed24
Renaissance CollegeStephen Reid23
Renaissance CollegeCherlyne Ren 21
Renaissance CollegeSuman Sachdev12
Renaissance CollegeBradley Davies12
Renaissance CollegeAlex Broome11
Renaissance CollegeCatherine Broome11
Renaissance CollegeSteven Faire10
Sha Tin CollegeClifford Imeson28
Sha Tin CollegeVivienne Fung20
Sha Tin CollegePaul Hoang19
Sha Tin CollegeNguyet Hoang19
Sha Tin CollegeChen Yu Min18
Sha Tin CollegeMorag Rook11
Sha Tin CollegeLaurie Stein11
Sha Tin CollegeCrispian Farrow10
South Island SchoolYung Ming Tak40
South Island SchoolChristopher Chapman36
South Island SchoolAnnette Chapman33
South Island SchoolYuki Lee30
South Island SchoolPaul Cheng29
South Island SchoolGrace Ho20
South Island SchoolVictoria Egan14
South Island SchoolPaul Baker10
South Island SchoolLouise McCombe10
Sha Tin Junior SchoolPerry Tunesi31
Sha Tin Junior SchoolCindy Wong22
Sha Tin Junior SchoolTan Kim Lian10
West Island SchoolSusan Carey18
West Island SchoolTang Seuk Fun13