They were Inspired! (video)

The legacy of ESF’s 50 years is that generations of our students have fulfilled our aim of being the best that they can be. We value our alumni who daily make their mark in the great universities of the world, in their professions, in the wider vocational sphere and in the significant contributions they make to their society and community.

To celebrate, an ESF alumni video was produced, featuring notable ESF alumni including:

– Cathy Lee, Hong Kong philanthropist
– Alia Eyres, CEO of Mother’s Choice
– Christine Loh, Undersecretary for the Environment
– Geoffrey Cheah, Hong Kong 2016 Olympian Swimmer
– Marin Minamiya, the world’s youngest female to summit Mount Manaslu
– Jamie Bilbow, TV chef in China
– Alan Sihoe, the Clinical Associate Professor of the Department of Surgery at Hong Kong University (HKU) and the Chief of Thoracic Surgery at the HKU Shenzhen Hospital