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14 Jun 2019

Leaving Peak School

Jasmine Liew 6B Peak School

I still remember stepping into the classroom on the first day of school without any friends.  My teacher encouraged me to meet new people and make new friends. Now I have many friends and I can’t stop talking to them.  I can’t imagine not seeing them next year in secondary school. I’m also going to really miss Mrs Engelmann and her funny jokes and Mr Erwin with his whistle encouraging us to carry on and also all the teachers and EA’s I have had in my 6 years in Peak School.  

My favourite memory I have is making so many friends throughout the years. 3 of my best friends are Dylan, Sophie and Aki. I have been friends with Dylan and Sophie since Year 1, then I met Aki in Year 4 and in Year 5 we all started to hang out together.

Another good memory I have is going on all 3 different camps. I remember the time in Year 4 camp where we were standing in the freezing cold rain waiting to get in the pirate cave and when we all got across we got back to the campsite to have hot chocolate and oreos. Yum! Another time I remember is when in Year 5 camp I was climbing the rock climbing wall and I almost gave up but my teammates, the Golden Gliders, encouraged me to get to the top and touch the top of the wall. When I did, my teammates all congratulated me and I felt proud.

My favourite camp I’ve been to is Year 6 camp in Outward Bound. I remember when we went camping we had to sleep next to cow poop. I got to hang out with my friends because they were in our group. We called our group the Golden Gliders because since most of my group was in my old Year 5 camp group we made Golden Gliders as our name in order to remember Ms Cann who left Peak School last year. The name let us remember Ms Cann because she was our group leader in Year 5 and she thought of the group name.

My favourite thing that has happened throughout these 6 years is all the big performances I have done like the Year 2 history of dance, or our unit in year 4 about living things need to survive, and the Year 5 science fair and the ESF choral concert and finally the Year 6 Festival of Action, my biggest accomplishment. All of the presentation/ performances have really made me very proud and happy of the things I have faced and successfully finished.

I will miss my life at Peak School and meeting so many great people! I wish after I leave everyone will have a nice time in our separate paths and we all keep in touch.