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14 Jun 2019


Evelyn Kwok 6B Peak School

Leaving, to me is such a blur. My time is almost gone, weeks passing by like seconds and my time with friends even shorter. Funny jokes and memories swept away like a breeze. I’ll miss Ms Engleman,teddy and Mr Erwin. All those fun games and jokes; whistle-blowing and running assessments. Familiar backgrounds and hallways, small classrooms and greeting new year ones. I’ll miss those. Friends, coming and going. Memories, some fainter than the others, finding kindergarten friends, discovering my fondness of plants and ecological studies, going on camps, pushing to my limits all of those things happened in Peak School.

To be honest I’m timid to leave. My new school is bigger and I am lucky to be one of the applicants that passed the test, but everyone’s new including the teachers. I don’t know anyone there and their teaching methods are different, also all of my friends are really far away and I can only connect up with them through email and not verbally. Many of my friends are also moving to different countries and going to boarding schools so I can’t connect up with them as much. Since my school is bigger it has a lot of new subjects such as American literature and swimming, and for some of them I have no background knowledge.

I feel as though I’m back in year one. Not knowing anything, adapting slowly to the systems and agendas and meeting new people. But the stress is pushing on me like a heavy rock.  Will l fit in? Am I good at those subjects? Will I have friends? These are all the questions I would like to ask my future self. Many of the people there are also new, and just the thought of that lightens the rock of stress. Familiarity is one of my main problems.  HKIS as a non-IB school is also American-based. Whereas Peak School is IB and ESF way of education. My time is nearly at an end once again and I doubt that I will ever take classes here again.