Our ICT strategy is based on the principle of embedding learning technology into classroom practice to transform teaching and learning. All students in ESF have access to a wide range of equipment such as laptops, computer controlled design and manufacture, digital video, computer control technology and electronic whiteboards. Many of our schools operate one-to-one laptop programs. Together with the wireless networks in schools, ICT can be integrated into classroom practice and the students can access technology anytime and anywhere within the school. The majority of our classrooms are equipped with Electronic Whiteboards.
We believe that in addition to acquiring ICT capability, our students also need to learn with computers if they are to be equipped with 21st century learning skills. All students and staff are allocated an account on the ESF’s online learning platform, which enables students to access their learning resources, sharing with their fellow students and submit assignments anytime from anywhere with internet connection.  
We continue to invest in training and staff development for all our staff to ensure that our students benefit from the latest ideas and practice in the use of ICT. ESF staff attend and regularly contribute to international and regional ICT conferences. The use of district wide systems ensures that ESF schools can work closely together and share good practice. 
The school information management system The Gateway provides functions including CAS enrolment and reporting, attendance taking and academic reporting.  This system promotes better communication with the students and parents.