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ESF primary and secondary schools currently receive a subsidy from the Hong Kong Government, which is due to be phased out for new entrants to Year 1 starting from August 2016. ESF schools are not selective: admission depends above all on the student's ability to benefit from an ESF education. Please click here to see our Admissions Policy.

General applications for ESF primary and secondary schools

Parents may submit application for admissions through our Online Admissions System for the 2014/2015 academic year. There are waitlists at each of our schools and placement is dependent on places being available.

Applications are valid for one academic year. Applicants on waiting lists at the end of the academic year may carry forward their waitlist position by reapplying for the following academic year.

You may submit an application to ESF primary / secondary school and also to one or both Private Independent Schools (PIS). Parents are permitted to apply to both systems. For statistical purposes parents are asked to indicate schools applied to by ticking the box(es) on the online application form.


Central applications for 2015/16 Year 1 (children born in 2010) and Year 7 (children born in 2004)

Application period: 1- 30 September 2014.

Please click Year 1 or Year 7 for information and key dates


ESF Y6 students transferring to secondary school for August 2015

Please click here for information and key dates.


Nomination Rights Scheme

Applicants through the scheme gain accelerated interview priority. Please click here for details.


Application to ESF Private Independent Schools (PIS)

Applications to ESF Private Independent Schools - Renaissance College and Discovery College need to be completed on separate application forms located on the individual school websites.


Application to ESF International Kindergartens

Application details and information on admissions to ESF International Kindergartens are available on the kindergarten website. Please visit the website for further information on admissions procedures.

Click here to see the FAQs on admissions and the Online Application System.

Updated on: 20 June 2014