About School Fees

1. Where can I find the current school fees information?

Please refer the the following websites:

ESF primary schools, secondary schools and kindergartens: www.esf.edu.hk/school-fees/

Discovery College: www.discovery.edu.hk/admissions/college-fees/

Renaissance College: www.rchk.edu.hk/school-fees/


2. Why are there adjustments on school fees every year?

Maintaining and sustaining education standards has always been the highest priority at ESF. It is vital that the pay level must be able to attract and retain quality staff. Before deciding on whether a pay rise is necessary, ESF has carried out a comprehensive analysis of the economic environment related to fees and pay in Hong Kong, and compared staff benefits of comparator schools. Data was drawn from the HK Government and other authoritative organisations such as Towers Watson, Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management, Mercers, the Employers Federation of Hong Kong and a network of five main comparator international schools in Hong Kong.