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7 Jul 2021

63 ESF IB Students On Top of the World With Extraordinary IB DP Results

Updated: 30 July 2021

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Under extremely challenging circumstances, ESF students have performed outstandingly, producing the strongest set of results ever since schools in the ESF system started the International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum in 2009.

Sixty-three students (updated on 30 July) attained the maximum possible score of 45 points, 82 students also scored 44 points, 90 students 43 points and overall, 914 students gained their IB Diploma – at a 99.2% achievement rate.

“These results are a bright beacon of hope and a real testament to the hard work and dedication of our ESF students,” said Belinda Greer, ESF’s Chief Executive Officer.

“The IB Diploma is an academically rigorous qualification, made even more so by the continuing difficulties faced by Hong Kong and the rest of the world. All of our students have done extremely well.

“ESF as well as parents, families and friends are so proud – and justifiably so,” she added.

ESF’s full results are below:

ESF results (May 2021) Worldwide results (May 2020)[1]
45 points 63 students (6.6%) 339 (0.4%)
40 points or more 459 students (49.9%) 9,699 (11.0%)
35 points or more 760 students (82.5%) 29,860 (33.9%)
30 points or more 895 students (97.2%) 54,611 (62.0%)
Students awarded the Diploma 914 students (99.2%) 75,093 (85.2%)
Average point scores for IB Diploma Students 38.8


31.3 (2020)

33.0 (2021 provisional)

[1] Worldwide results for the IB Diploma are for May 2020, as the full 2021 data is not available until November. Statistics show that these percentages vary very little year on year.


ESF’s new Chair, Dr Kim Mak, joined Belinda Greer in congratulating the students:

“I am deeply impressed with all our students this year and want to offer my congratulations to each and every one of them as well as sending heartfelt thanks to all the ESF teachers for their efforts and determination.”

This year, 63 ESF students achieved the maximum of 45 points. They include:

Discovery College
● Seo Jin PARK
● Ulyssa FUNG

Island School
● Nikhita ATTALURI
● Christina KIM
● Gloria LEUNG
● Maria HO
● Ka Chun LAI
● Jaime LAM Yin Man
● Elliot CHOW

King George V School
● Ishita AGARWAL
● Adrian CHAN
● Abbie CHEN
● Emma CHOW
● Arianne CLIMIE
● Armaan DAYAL
● Kirsten LAI
● Erin LAW
● Joaquin Tomas D MAGNO
● Nidhi Pankaj SHAH

Renaissance College
● Richard SIU
● Jettie HO
● Jayne LEE
● Janet LIU
● Cheuk To CHUNG
● Justine LEUNG
● Gigi LING

Sha Tin College
● Jeffrey CHAN
● Ivan CHIU
● Anton CHING
● Zheng Yu CHOW
● Justin KIM
● Man Hin Royce LEUNG
● Andrea LEE
● Jasmine LEUNG
● Bryson LO
● Jason LO
● Hoi Lam NG
● Rochelle WONG
● Jodie WU

South Island School
● Bethia KWOK
● Norris LAM
● Jinsol LEE
● Jungjin LEE
● Yan Ho LEE
● Michele Gabriella LIU
● Zoe LU
● Joseph LU
● Ernie LUI
● Phoebe Nok Yan LEUNG
● Nicole LUK
● Justin YUNG

West Island School
● Karin Daphne FONG
● Heejoon KIM
● Ji Yeon KIM
● Winston LAM
● Karen Kai Lam LEUNG
● Mavis TAI
● Nicole TAN
● Christina ZHAO

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