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25 Mar 2019

ESF School Fees for the Academic Year 2019/20

Dear Parents

We are about to move into the final year of our Five Year Strategic Plan: A Vision for 2020. While there are a number of aspects to the plan, the two main elements are ensuring that every student can be the best that they can be and building a ‘best value’ financial model that means we deliver value for money to every family who entrusts us with their child’s education.

There can be no doubt that we are delivering on that first point. Our exam results, at all levels, are world class – and our students are taking all the many benefits of an ESF education and using them to thrive beyond the classroom.

Our work to ensure financial accountability to our parents has also borne fruit. Over the course of the last four years we have seen an increasing level of investment in our schools and our facilities and significant investment in recruiting world-class teaching staff. We have done this while being able to, in real terms, reduce the cost of running the organisation.

I appreciate that you, our families, have played a significant role in achieving both of these goals. Firstly, by the ongoing support that you give to your child’s education in and out of school – and secondly, of course, by the financial investment you make through your school fees.

We cannot stand still. We have to continue investing: in students and their families, our schools and our teachers. Our pledge to you is that we will do this by working hard to control our costs, not just by passing that burden onto you through significant fee rises.

Our proposed average fee increase this year will be 4.5% – which is less than the level we increased last year. The attached table breaks down what that proposed increase looks like for each year group within our ESF schools.

Annual Tuition Fees
Annual Tuition

Primary Years 1 to 3 (non-subvented) 111,200 115,800 460
Primary Year 4 93,900
460 +
(loss of subvention)
Primary Years 5 and 6 93,900 98,500 460
Secondary Years 7 to 11 128,400 133,800 540
Secondary Years 12 to 13 135,000 140,700 570


The proposed 2019/20 fees are subject to final approval by the Education Bureau (EDB).

I want to thank you for continuing to show faith in ESF. I have no doubt that, as we move into our next Five Year Plan, we are well placed to move from being world class to world leading.

Yours sincerely

Belinda Greer 
Chief Executive Officer