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9 Oct 2018

Glenealy School Parents Learning about Learning

Glenealy had their first Parent Circle and Learning Walk last week. Staff are keen to look for new ways to help parents better understand the way children learn. They also want to help parents understand how school wide philosophies are embedded into learning and teaching.

About 45 parents were involved in the session. They explored their initial views about learning at Glenealy and watched two excellent videos from Kath Murdoch (an expert in inquiry learning). ‘What it Means to be an Inquiry Teacher’ and ‘What is an Inquiry Classroom’?

Having more knowledge, information, and many questions too, the parents then had open access to all classrooms to do a ‘learning walk’ to find out more. Having seen classes in different year groups the parents regrouped and reflected upon ‘what they used to think about learning and what they now think about learning’. This was extremely insightful for all.