30 Nov 2016

Kowloon Learning Campus

30 November 2016

To : Parents of students and colleagues of Kowloon Learning Campus :
King George V School, Kowloon Junior School, Jockey Club Sarah Roe School, Beacon Hill School, Clearwater Bay School

cc : School Council Chairmen of above schools

Dear Parents and Colleagues,

At their meeting on Monday 28 November, 2016 the ESF Board of Governors considered a review of the Kowloon Learning Campus pilot scheme. The Board considered feedback and available evidence from the current trial of an integrated schools’ management structure for the three schools at the Kowloon Learning Campus. The Board’s decision is that the approach should not extend beyond the current pilot phase which comes to an end in June 2017. This decision will provide time for ESF to recruit to fill vacancies in the posts of principal at both Kowloon Junior School and King George V School ahead of the new school session, 2017/18.

At its meeting on Monday, members of the Board recorded their thanks to staff and parents for their support of the pilot. In particular, they thanked Mr Neville Shroff, Chairman of KGV School Council; Dr Ed Wickins, acting Executive Principal of the Kowloon Learning Campus; and Mrs Karin Wetselaar, Principal of Jockey Club Sarah Roe School for presenting the final evaluation of the pilot to the Board and for their work and efforts over the last 18 months.

Board members acknowledged the positive impact of work carried out to increase inclusion across the schools involved in the Kowloon Learning Campus. Board members also welcomed the deep professional collaboration achieved over the first 18 months of the pilot. The Board further agreed that schools should build on the success of the pilot, led and managed through partnership working within a traditional leadership structure of a principal for each school.

I would like to recognise the ESF Board for their support of the Kowloon Learning Campus pilot and their acknowledgment of its successes in a number of areas. I would also add my own thanks to those of the Board, to the acting Executive Principal and all the staff involved for their high degree of professional commitment to the aims of the pilot. They have invested time and willingly engaged in collaboration, which extend well beyond conventional liaison arrangements, exploring better ways of working to enhance students’ learning experiences.

I would confirm that the leadership structures currently in place for the three schools will continue till the end of this school year.

Yours sincerely,
Belinda Greer
Chief Executive Officer