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14 Jun 2019

Farewell, Peak School!

Nicholas Chan 6B Peak School

Years have passed rapidly. My time at Peak School is already ending. I have faced challenges, had fun and made friends. A new life is waiting ahead of me. I’ll be meeting new people, facing more challenges and learning new things. I can still remember my first day at Peak School, just sitting there, not knowing anyone. Now I know everyone in my room very well. Taking my last step out of this “village” will be very emotional. I will remember lots from Peak School. All the sports teams I got into, all the camps I had and Year 6 Exhibition.

Getting into sports teams for the school is a very special feeling for me. It means that I am one of the of the best people at that sport in the school. It makes me very proud of myself. Two of the sports teams I got into were new sports for me (hockey and tag rugby)! At first, I had no idea about how to play those sports. Now, I am a very confident player!

Hockey was my favourite. I went to two tournaments and got fourth place in both tournaments. I was so nervous in my first ever match. My heart was pounding as people were watching me. I had to do this. The whistle blew. I tried my best to play. I tackled, I passed and I shot. Finally, we won! It was my first ever match and we won. I was so proud of myself! The more I played, the more confident I got. I played better and better, improving each match. I was learning but in a fun way! I played many great matches, but my favourite match was against ICHK when I scored my first ever goal in a Hockey tournament. We won 2-1 and one of the goals were scored by me! Sophie had the ball, then she passed it to me. I didn’t know what to do. Shall I shoot? Shall I pass? Suddenly, I heard “Shoot!”. It was Sophie. She wanted me to shoot. I boosted my confidence, and shot! I second later, I found the ball in the back of the net! I scored! I was so proud of myself, I just couldn’t bear to smile. We ended up fourth place and got beaten by Bradbury School by just 1 point. Even though we didn’t get any trophies, I still felt very proud.

In the second tournament, I felt much more confident. I already knew what it was going to be like because I had an experience a few weeks ago (The first tournament). In my first game, I think that I didn’t play well enough because I just didn’t feel warmed up. So after the game, our team decided to do some training on the tiny pitch. I felt much more warmed up and I was ready to play! Just as I expected, I played much better and even scored a goal! It was when the other team got tackled, and then someone crossed to me. I timed the ball perfectly and slotted it into the back of the net. Unfortunately, our winning streak came to an end in the semi finals, losing against GSIS by one goal in the last second.

Now, looking back at my first time playing Hockey, I think I have improved a lot over the past term.

I also got into the football and cross country teams. Those were sports I already knew, but that didn’t make me any less proud! My high score in Running club was 9 laps (about 7.2 km)! I even got 3rd place once in a race! In the football tournament, I was a defender but I also scored a goal and helped my team win the game! That is one of the fondest memories in Peak School.

The three camps were also highlights for me. I faced lots of challenges and learnt lots of things. It was also fun at the same time. We had lots of jokes, played games and learnt survival hacks. All of the activities I did were fun but my favourite one out of all three camps was in Outward Bound when I did the Jetty Jump 3 times.

The Y6 Festival of Action was a big part in my Peak School “reign”. All that hard work, which led to success. At first, I didn’t know much about shark finning. All I knew was that shark finning is cutting fins off sharks. Comparing everything I knew before Festival of Action to everything I know now, it’s just like comparing a baby with a scientist. In Blogger, when everyone needed to write a reflection about the Festival of Action, I just wrote a 400 word essay in about 20 minutes non-stop! Information just randomly blurted out of my head and I just knew so much! On the night of the Festival of Action, I was so anxious! Walking on stage and singing a song in front of hundreds of adults, and then presenting in front of them! I boosted my confidence and presented. Surprisingly, I spoke clearly and used lots of eye contact! When it was all over, I breathed a sigh of relief and felt very glad. It is just a great feeling when it’s all over.

Getting into sports teams, Festival of Action and camp were great moments over the past few years, but the thing that I will remember the most is all the friends and teachers I had. Without them, there would be no Peak School.