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17 May 2019

Towards a Vision for 2025


Colleagues, parents and friends of ESF

I wanted to write to you to give you an update on where we stand with producing ESF’s next strategic plan: our Vision for 2025.

As you know, we are currently coming to the end of year four of our current plan. Over the course of those four years we have had much to celebrate. Our academic results – at all levels and in all of our schools – have been outstanding. Through their hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence, our staff continue to demonstrate why they are amongst the best in the world and, of course, our students have constantly amazed us with their confidence and their ability to rise to any and all challenges.

This gives us an incredible platform to build on. We are, by any standards, a world class education system.

Our challenge, then, in preparing for the next five years is how we go from world-class to being the world’s leading education system.

We must meet that challenge against a backdrop of a world that is changing at an astonishing pace. I know that I have spoken with you about this before, but technology is having a dramatic impact on every aspect of our lives – and that impact is only going to be more keenly felt in the coming years.

Our next strategic plan has to reflect this pace of change. We cannot simply construct a plan that we think will reflect what the world – and what education – will look like in five or six years time. Rather, we have to think about what it is we need to do as a family of schools to not just be able to adapt to changes happening around us – but to give our students the skills they need to lead the change as they leave us and live successful lives.

We will need to be more agile than ever before and we will need to ensure that we have alignment across our schools about what it is that we are working to achieve for our students.

But we also need to ensure accountability is at the heart of our plan. We need to empower our schools and our teachers to be able to honestly evaluate how they are doing – and decide on what it is that they need to do to achieve continuous improvement.

So, in preparing for our next strategic plan, we have already begun the work on this last of our ‘Three A’s’ and have made some changes on how we ensure accountability.

After speaking at length to the Chairs of our School Councils and the School Principals, we have decided that the services that were being delivered to us by the Council of International Schools (CIS) are no longer what we need. So, we have decided that the time is right for us to move on. With that in mind, we will not be renewing our membership of CIS at the end of this current academic year.

We have brought in a new Director of Strategic Performance and Quality Assurance to work with the schools to design a new accountability framework that meets the needs of ESF. In doing this, we will be working together to ensure that we are always looking inwards at how we are performing – but also outwards to seek out best practice from across the world.

In doing this, we can have a system of evaluating how we work for our students that delivers constant and continuous improvement in every one of our classrooms.

I am really excited about what the future holds for ESF. Our outstanding staff, our remarkable students and our incredibly supportive families will be the bedrock for us as we embark on this next chapter in our story.

We are already the envy of the world in so many ways. Embracing our ‘Three A’s’ of alignment, agility and accountability will take us to the next level. It is a lofty ambition to set ourselves on a path to becoming the world’s leading education system. I believe that we can do it.


Yours sincerely

Belinda Greer
Chief Executive Officer