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3 Oct 2019

Your ESF Parent Election Voting Pack

Dear Parent

Earlier this week we sent out the voting pack for the election of three parent members to the ESF Board. As we are sending these packs out to over 13,000 families we use a mail distribution company to manage this process on our behalf. Normally this is a process that goes like clockwork, but it would seem that we have encountered a problem with this mailing. I wanted to write to you straight away to let you know what has happened.

We gave the distribution company a database to use that has all of our parent names and addresses. This is done securely and in line with best practice. What seems to have happened is that when the company have printed the labels to use on the packs, there has been an error that has resulted in some labels having the incorrect name printed on them. The result is that you may have received a voting pack at your address, but it has the wrong name printed on the label.

In short, the address will be right, but it may be addressed to someone else.

Firstly, I want to apologise for this error. We are speaking to the distribution company to try and figure out how this has happened. This is certainly not a situation that we are happy about.

Secondly, I want to assure you that we are confident that this is just a printing error and in no way has your data been mishandled. Your data is securely held here at ESF and at the distribution company. As I said, the error seems to have occurred when the labels were printed.

Thirdly, I want to let you know that the voting forms contained in your pack are still valid. Voting is anonymous – and the ballot papers do not have your name on them. So, please, do continue to vote using the pack that has been delivered to your address – even if it has the wrong name on the envelope.

These elections are really important – having a strong parent voice on our Board is something that I know everyone values. Despite the error on some of the labels, we know that the correct number of packs have been posted and that they are now being delivered. The pack itself is very obviously from ESF and is clearly marked as containing the election papers.

Once again, please accept my most sincere apologies for this error.


Rob Shorthouse
Director of Strategy & Communications