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25 Sep 2017

Results of Election of Parent Members to ESF Board

We are pleased to announce the result of the election of three parent members of the ESF Board of Governors following the count.

Altogether, 3,104 ballot mails were received from parents from the 15 ESF schools and the two Private Independent Schools. There were 9,312 votes. Among them, 6,645 votes are valid, 73 are void and 2,594 are unused.

The number of votes for the candidates are as follows:


  Candidate School(s) attended

by child(ren)

No. of valid votes
1. Marcos Bertamini West Island School  1,037
2. Moore Chen Sha Tin College  418
3. Joey Chung Sha Tin College  601
4. Connie Liu South Island School  1,498
5. Elizabeth Macdonald Bradbury School and South Island School  904
6. Craig Sanderson Kowloon Junior School  1,510
7. Eric Wong Renaissance College  677


We hereby announce that Marcos Bertamini, Connie Liu and Craig Sanderson are elected to be the Parent Members of the ESF Board of Governors for the next three-year term.