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25 Jun 2019

Year 12 students learn how to establish personal brand

Establishing a compelling personal brand can help students succeed in university applications or even in future career development. A workshop was held on 24 June for 22 Year 12 students across all ESF schools run by Tracy Ho from Fame and Frame. A lot of tips were shared on cultivating a digital presence which helps students stand out from all other applicants around the globe.

See what our students say:

“From this experience, not only will I be able to better my personal brand, but I did not realize that the focus on perception and perception gaps can be transferred to all parts of life, and has helped me understand the world in a new light.”

Ilya Stamer (KGV)

“From this experience, I was better able to articulate who I felt I was as a person who needs to sell himself as a brand – the world is changing so fast that having a strong, constant digital presence is necessary, and this workshop allowed to create a pathway towards a concise image. You won’t have all the answers by the end of the day, but you will know what to ask.”

Shaurya Gupta (South Island School)


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