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29 Sep 2016

ESF launches new sports programme for pre-school children


The English Schools Foundation’s mission is to inspire creativity and nurture global citizens and leaders of the future. To achieve this, a new Multi-Sports Kindergarten Development Programme for pre-school children has been launched.

The new programme, designed for children aged 2 to 5 years old, aims at developing young children’s physical skills and enjoyment of sport and physical activity. Students are able to develop motor skills through various games and sports. For example, through ball games, children can develop throwing, catching and kicking skills. Our specialist early years coaches will teach and support children to develop these important skills.

“Many studies portray a link between physical activity and academic achievement, and a child’s physical development is as important as their cognitive, social and emotional development. We are very excited to introduce the new programme which brings an additional dimension to children’s learning,” said Emma Dorrell, Education Manager of ESF Language & Learning Centre.

“This programme has been designed by experts in the development of young children, giving them the fundamental principles of movement from an early age. We believe that this programme will bring real benefits to our students and contributes in all aspects of their learning.” Dorrell remarked.

The programme is held once or twice a week for 45 minutes per session. All classes are held at an ESF school or at the ESF Language & Learning Centre. With top quality facilities and resources, children can learn and develop sporting abilities in a safe and comfortable environment. Our expert coaches will introduce different unique sporting equipment to keep our students interested and engaged in class.

Students that graduate from this programme are encouraged to continue to our Junior Development Programme or enter an ESF mainstream sports programme.

For more information about the ESF Multi Sports programme, visit our website at, call 2838 2276  or email