Psychology Service

What are Educational Psychologists?

Educational Psychologists have degrees in psychology (the study of how people think, feel and behave) and higher degrees in Educational Psychology which is the practical application of psychology to children and schools. Educational Psychologists currently employed in the service are trained teachers and have a minimum of two years teaching experience. They are bound by an international Codes of Ethics, and both our Educational Psychologists are registered to practice by the Health Professionals Council UK (HPC). They are also Chartered Psychologists with the British Psychological society.

About the ESF Psychology Service 

The ESF Psychology Service provides a range of services in assessing children and young people with additional educational needs and supporting schools to plan interventions and implement supportive strategies. The service offers training for school staff to build the capacity and confidence of schools to respond to specific needs.

Areas we support 

Emotional and Social Wellbeing

  • Challenging behaviour
  • Mental health difficulties eg. depression, eating disorder, stress sleeping problems, self-harm
  • Attention and communication
  • Self esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Friendship
  • Social skills
  • Resilience
  • Selective mutism

Thinking and Learning

  • Reading, writing and literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Thinking
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Meta-cognitive skills
  • Giftedness
  • Organisation and learning skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • Non-verbal use of language
  • Perceptional ability

Our Educational Psychologists

Nicki Holmes

Nicki studied psychology at the University of London before qualifying as a teacher and working in a primary school just outside of London. She then went on to study Educational Psychology and worked as an Educational Psychologist in Poole, UK, for five and a half years before moving to Hong Kong. Nicki’s specialism includes knowledge of attachment theory, working with children in care, and training teaching assistants to become emotional literacy support assistants.

Tim Conroy-Stocker

Tim has been a senior Educational Psychologist for several years. He has led projects that aimed at developing emotional wellbeing in schools. He has extensive experience working with children on the Autistic Spectrum. Prior to training as an Educational Psychologist, Tim taught for 12 years in secondary schools and further education, mainly teaching A-level Psychology.


Moira Conroy-Stocker

Moira has worked as an Educational Psychologist in the UK for nine years.  During that time she has specialised in mental health issues including raising self-esteem and supporting children with transition in school.  Moira has been instrumental in promoting an awareness of self- harming behaviour in young people and producing resources to help secondary schools in the UK.  Prior to training as an Educational Psychologist, Moira taught Psychology for 10 years in secondary schools and further education.  She is also a qualified Counsellor.

Our Educational Psychologists specialise in

  • Cognitive assessment
  • Giftedness
  • Attachment difficulties
  • Personal construct psychology
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Children’s Mental Health and wellbeing
  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Critical incidents
  • Early Years
  • Play-based assessment
  • Counselling techniques and mentoring of young people
  • Working with parents and carers to support children

Our Service

For students at ESF schools, accessing Educational Psychology services, there is no additional charge. Each school will priortise children for the Educational Psychologist’s attention on the basis of need.

For students in ESF Private Independent Schools, ESF International Kindergartens and other students in Hong Kong, services are charged as detailed below. The following represents a series of guide prices for Educational Psychology services. Actual price will be based on consultation between psychologist and parents and based on the specific needs of the child or young person.

Attentional Assessment

An exploration of your child’s attentional style with strategies related to their personal strengths and weaknesses. This will involve a cognitive assessment, use of attentional scales with parents, teacher and child, and consideration of diagnostic criteria.

Full Psychological Assessment

Based on the initial consultation this will be a bespoke assessment involving cognitive and attainment assessment and additional assessment based on the presenting concerns (for example, attention, memory, social skills, behaviour and self-esteem)

Kindergarten Assessment                                                                   

A unique approach over two sessions assessing your child’s development over time and providing a comprehensive holistic report on their developmental strengths and difficulties.

Social and Communication Assessment                     

Involving our Speech and Language Therapists in conjunction with the Educational Psychology service, we will assess your child’s social and communication patterns, giving advice on the best way to help them in school and at home. The evidence gathered will be considered against diagnostic criteria by a multi professional team. 

Additional Meeting Attendance

An hourly rate is charged for Educational Psychologist meetings with parents for consultation only.
Additional charge may apply if meeting takes place in locations other than the ESF Therapy Centre office.

Bespoke follow up work
Supporting the needs identified in assessments, we offer bespoke intervention or mentoring to children, training to parents and carers.   For children who have had an assessment follow up work can be arranged to update assessments and review impact of interventions.

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