ESF Speech & Language Therapy Service

What are Speech & Language Therapists?

Speech & Language Therapists (SLTs) are specialists in the identification, assessment and support of individuals with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

About the ESF Speech & Language Therapy Service

The ESF Speech & Language Therapy provision is a school based service intended to work closely and collaboratively with education. It is parent funded.

ESF Speech & Language Therapists work within a clearly defined professional framework and provide a holistic evaluation of individual needs. Conclusions are communicated through written reports and consultation. We utilise a range of proven intervention methods and where appropriate integrate management into the student’s educational programme. Therapists are registered to practice by the Health Professions Council and Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (UK).

Currently, the service is available at ESF International Kindergartens, Hillside and Wu Kai Sha.

ESF Speech & Language Therapy: Example of Areas of Support



Service Delivery Pathway

Service delivery pathway describes the anticipated course of care for a student referred to our service. The exact pathway will vary depending on the nature of the communication difficulty. The diagram below outlines the typical process:

Assessment usually comprises of background information gathering, observation and a combination of informal and standarised assessment.

Typical Intervention strategies can be direct or indirect and may include:

  • 1 to 1 therapy and/or group therapy*.
  • Collaborative working with education professionals to facilitate access to the school curriculum.
  • Environmental changes to support inclusion within the classroom.
  • Home/school programs.
  • Liaison and/or referral on to other relevant professionals.

*Group therapy will be offered where there is an appropriate number of students with similar needs.


Our Speech and Language Therapist

Rachel Diment

Rachel graduated with a first class honours degree in Speech Sciences from University College London in 2004. Beginning her career in the National Health Service UK in both health and education settings in London, Rachel treated children from 0-18 years with a range of conditions. She quickly became interested in working with children with more complex disorders and by 2008, Rachel was leading the Autism service in Camden and Islington Primary Care Trust working within a multi- disciplinary team to differentially diagnose and treat Autism and related disorders.

In 2009, Rachel embarked on an adventure, moving to Shanghai, China with her family. Rachel was fortunate to be able to continue her passion in Shanghai, partnering with another therapist to build an independent practice 'Shanghai Speech Therapy'.

Making strong links with international schools, Rachel supported children with a variety of conditions. She gained expertise working with children with multiple languages and picked up some Mandarin of her own on the way. During her time in Shanghai, Rachel also furthered her learning by beginning a PGCE teaching certification.

Now in Hong Kong, Rachel is excited to work within ESF. Rachel is happy to treat children with all speech, language and communication conditions including social communication disorders. Rachel holds a strong belief that therapy is most effective when a child's communication partners understand how to to support communication and thus involves families and teaching staff in therapy at every opportunity to ensure optimal therapeutic success. Rachel also provides bespoke training on a range of topics for different audiences.


The following guide represents support and intervention that our Speech and Language Therapists may offer: 

Speech and Language Therapy Consultation


  • Consultation and evaluation session in clinic or educational setting of up to 60 minutes. 
  • Informal and/or standardised assessment.
  • Summary report outlining conclusions and recommendations.
  • Recommended for Kindergarten aged students. 

Speech and Language Therapy Assessment


  • Consultation with parents and school.
  • School visit and observation to obtain participation profile.
  • Informal and standardised assessment as appropriate.
  • Written report circulated to relevant professionals with in class support strategies.
  • Post assessment parent consultation with therapist.
  • Recommended for school aged students.

1:1 Specialist Intervention


Following the assessment process an intervention package may be recommended. Please note consultation and assessment are necessary first steps to identify area of needs and set therapy aims.

Cycles of 4, 8, 12 sessions of 1:1 therapy available.

*Please note this may include direct 1:1 therapy, teacher liaison, in class support and IEP meeting.

Consultation and/or Additional Meeting Attendance


This is the hourly rate for the Speech & Language Therapist meetings with parents  and other professionals for consultation only.

An additional charge may apply if the meeting takes place in locations other than the ESF Therapy Centre.

Bespoke Packages

Charges by quotation

We offer bespoke specialist intervention to students, training to parents and carers.  Individual quotation can be provided based on the specific service requested.



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