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5 Oct 2018

Results of Election of Parent Members to ESF Board

We are pleased to announce the result of the election of two parent members of the ESF Board of Governors following the count.

There were 2,380 votes received from parents from the 17 ESF schools. Among them, 2,286 votes are valid, 93 are void and 1 is unused.

The number of votes for the candidates are as follows:

Category 1
CandidateSchool attended by child(ren)No. of valid votes
1.Michael BOTELHOWest Island School158
2.Carlo CECCHIKowloon Junior School56
3.CHUI Chung Hang HenryClearwater Bay School250
4.Rachael GUANKowloon Junior297
5.Warren LINGERSha Tin College126
6.Tom PATTONQuarry Bay School881
7.Jeffrey WANGKowloon Junior School153
8.YIN Marshall WarrenSha Tin College365
Category 2

Dayna LIM with a child in South Island School is the only candidate nominated and therefore no voting is required.

We hereby announce that Tom PATTON and Dayna LIM are elected to be the Parent Members of the ESF Board of Governors for the next three-year term.



Category 1: Parent of a student of a primary, secondary or all-through school.

Category 2: Parent of a student with Special Educational Needs identified at Level of Adjustment 2 or above according to the ESF Levels of Adjustment.