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15 Sep 2021

Results of Election of Two Parent Members to the ESF Board of Governors

We are pleased to announce the result of the election of two Category 1 parent members of the ESF Board of Governors following the count.

2,807 ballot envelopes were received, representing a total of 5,614 votes. Among them, 4,587 votes are valid, 70 are void and 957 are unused.

The number of votes for the candidates are as follows:

Candidate nameby child(ren)No. of valid votes
1.Juan Pablo Carmona AlonsoKennedy School246
2.Francis CarrollSha Tin College563
3.Nancy ChangKing George V School455
4.Eric K. ChenIsland School461
5.John Ngai CheungClearwater Bay School103
6.Chi Yu HeiClearwater Bay School98
7.Goman ChongDiscovery College93
8.Ambra DebernardiKennedy School and West Island School523
9.Edwin HuiKowloon Junior School and King George V School378
10.Simon KempGlenealy School174
11.Jacky KeungSha Tin Junior School255
12.Rainbow KoSouth Island School342
13.Trish MeechamDiscovery College126
14.Charlotte MohiuddinDiscovery College168
15.Pushkar Vijay SaneDiscovery College214
16.Livia TangKing George V School388
Total no. of valid votes4,587
Total void votes70
Total unused votes957

We hereby announce that Francis Carroll and Ambra Debernardi are elected to be the Parent Members in Category 1 of the ESF Board of Governors for the next three-year term.

There were no candidates standing for the Category 2 vacancy.