The ESF Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is broadly constituted and includes ten independent members, seven directly elected parent members, one Committee of Parents Governor, three School Council Chairs, four members of staff (including a principal) and the Chief Executive Officer (ex officio).

The current membership of the ESF Board of Governors is as follows:

Independent GovernorsDr Kim Mak, BBS JP
Mr Neville Shroff, JP
Vice Chair
Mr Stephen Weatherseed
Chair of the Audit Committee
Mr Peter Burnett
Chair of the Finance Committee
Ms Anne Choi
Chair of the Remuneration Committee
Mr Tim Blackburn
Mr Mervyn Jacob
Ms Corinne Remedios
Ms Denise Kee
Ms Edith Shih
School Council Chair Mr Alec Tong
Ms Linda Csellak
Mr Andrew Nowak-Solinski
Directly Elected Parent GovernorsMs Ambra Debernardi
Ms Megan McCoy
Dr. Mark Greene
Mr David L. Butts
Ms Anne-Maree Soon
Prof. Tony Ke
Dr Vindya Bhat
Committee of Parents’ GovernorMs Fatema Jangbarwala
Committee of Principals’ GovernorMr Chris Coyle
Committee of Teaching Staff’s GovernorsMs Charlotte Phillips
Ms Debbie Hanley
Committee of Support Staff’s GovernorMs Saffron Brown
Chief Executive Officer (ex officio)Mrs Belinda Greer

Updated: 17 May 2021