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ESF recruits over 120 teachers each year, primarily from the UK, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong, with regional interviews taking place during January and February. In January of each year teaching vacancies are advertised in media such as the Times Educational Supplement in the UK, The Weekend Australian in Australia and the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong. Appointments are made for the following school year. With more than 2,500 staff across 21 schools, a variety of support staff positions are also advertised during the year.


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ESF is an Equal Opportunities Employer. ESF is committed to be fair in the way it deals with all aspects of its employment practices and to a policy of equal opportunity which aims to ensure that no job applicant or staff member receives less favourable treatment because of discrimination on any of the factor identified in the Equal employment opportunity policy. In doing so ESF meets, and often exceeds, the requirements under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance, the Disability Discrimination Ordinance, the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance and the Race Discrimination Ordinance.

ESF is committed to having fully competent Staff Members in all roles to ensure the educational and organisational objectives are achieved. Any employment at ESF is dependent on successfully obtaining a satisfactory pre-employment screening report, which may include the verification of education and employment, as well as criminal record check done locally and internationally. The Recruitment policy outlines the resourcing, recruitment and selection processes required to fill all Staff Member roles in ESF. It is intended to assist Hiring Managers in recruitment decisions that are transparent, fair and compliant. The Policy outlines the provisions that are made available to Staff Members on the ESF Gateway to support such activities. All provisions in this Policy are designed to meet the provisions of the ESF Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

The Joining ESF policy is designed to help newly recruited Staff Members obtain the necessary information so that they can legally work in Hong Kong, as required by the Immigration Ordinance, Education Ordinance, Mandatory Provident Fund Ordinance and other relevant Ordinances

Working at ESF Centre policy and Working at ESF Schools policy : ESF makes every effort to promote a workplace which is conducive to staff members’ health and safety, professional development and job enrichment, as well as to enhance organisational effectives and efficiency. To achieve these, it is expected that staff members understand and observe the guidelines as stated in the policies.

The Conflict of Interest Policy outlines the internal code of practice to be followed by Staff Members in identifying and managing potential conflict of interest situations when discharging their official duties. The Policy outlines the rules and principles to be followed to ensure that they do not use their position with ESF or ESL for purposes that are, or give the appearance of being, motivated by a desire for personal gain for themselves or others.

The Outside Activities Policy provides guidelines to Staff Members who wish to take up employment, service or work (whether paid or voluntary) other than their ordinary paid employment at their school or office. It ensures fair and transparent guidelines for ESF stakeholders. The aim is to safeguard the quality of education for ESF students, to safeguard the welfare and professional integrity of Staff Members in the context of the many possible demands upon their skills and time; and to protect the reputation and ‘brand’ identity of ESF education.

ESF believes that honesty, integrity and fairplay are important principles in conducting its affairs and believes that all Staff Members should ensure that ESF’s reputation is not tarnished by dishonesty, disloyalty or corruption. The Acceptance of Advantage by Staff Members (Prevention of Bribery) Policy includes advice on Staff Members accepting copies of books, stationery and equipment for inspection or evaluation and how they should respond if offered advantages. The Policy reflects advice given to ESF by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (Corruption Prevention Department) and complies with the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance.

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