Non-Refundable Capital Levy

Parents of students who are joining an ESF school will be required to pay a one-off Non-Refundable Capital Levy (NCL) when they accept an offer of a school place.

The cost of the NCL will be HK$38,000 for students entering Year 1 and will be reduced, on a sliding scale, for students who join the system in later years as follows:

Year group One-off NCL (HK$)
Year 1 38,000
Year 2 36,000
Year 3 34,000
Year 4 32,000
Year 5 30,000
Year 6 28,000
Year 7 26,000
Year 8 22,300
Year 9 18,600
Year 10 14,900
Year 11 11,200
Year 12 7,500
Year 13 3,800

The NCL applies to ESF’s nine primary schools, five secondary schools and the special school. It will not apply to the Private Independent Schools or to the ESF International Kindergartens. It is due upon acceptance of school place offer.

Please refer to the frequently asked questions about the NCL.

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Updated on 11 September 2014