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All applications go through the ‘one form’ application system for ESF primary schools, secondary schools and all-through schools – Discovery College (DC) and Renaissance College (RCHK). Parents may only submit one online application per child with their selected preference of schools.

Parents may choose up to three selected schools: the ESF school of zone, DC and/or RCHK. If a parent chooses the ESF school of zone as a selected school, there will be an additional option available for parents to select an alternative ESF out of zone school. If there is an opportunity to interview, this additional option may be considered if the three preferences of schools are not available; however, parents will be responsible for arranging transport to the out of zone school as there will not be a school bus service.

Note: If parents select an alternative ESF out of zone and are offered an interview at one of the selected out of zone schools and parents decline, the application will NOT be returned to the school of zone. It will be withdrawn from all lists and parents will need to reapply.

School zoning applies for ESF primary and secondary schools based on the residential address at the time of application. DC and RCHK remain zone free.

It is important you read the following pages before you start:

Click here for applications for Learning Support and Jockey Club Sarah Roe School.

Click here to see a list of frequently asked questions.

Note: The Online Admissions System is scheduled to perform regular system maintenance every Sunday from 3am to 3:30am (Hong Kong time). During this time, the online application forms will not be available.

Central Application -- Applying for Year 1 and Year 7 for August 2023 admission

Application period: Year 1 and Year 7: 1-30 September 2022

Online Applications open on 1 September 2022 and not earlier. Applications received after 30 September are considered late and placed on the waiting list according to the first preference of school, priority and date received.

Click here for Year 1 Central Online Application Form (children born in 2018). See key dates.

Click here for Year 7 Central Online Application Form (children born in 2012). See key dates.

General Application -- Applying for Years 1 to 12 throughout the year

Click here for the General Application Form. (This form is not applicable for applying Years 1 and 7 for entry in August 2023. Please fill in the Central Application form from 1 September 2022.)

ESF K2 students transferring to primary school for August 2023

Click here for information and key dates.

ESF Year 6 students transferring to secondary school for August 2023

Please click here for information and key dates.

Nomination Rights: to gain interview priority

You can gain interview priority with the Nomination Rights scheme. Please refer to this link for details.

Application Fee - Online Payment

The application fee is HK$2,000 for ESF primary schools, secondary schools, Discovery College and Renaissance College.

Click here to view instructions on online payment.


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