Refundable Capital Levy

Note: The Refundable Capital Levy (RCL) will not apply to new students entering ESF schools starting from August 2015.

New students entering in and after August 2015 have to pay the Non-refundable Capital Levy (NCL). Please refer to the website for details.

The RCL is HK$25,000 for each child entering Year 1 and Year 7 of ESF schools from August 2011 onwards.

RCL is also payable by the parents of children entering ESF schools in other year groups from August 2011 onwards.

For families with two children currently attending ESF schools and have paid the $25,000 RCL for each child, the RCL will be HK$10,000 for the third and subsequent child.

As the RCL is phased in, the Advance Payment system will be phased out so that parents who have paid an RCL will not be required to pay advance fee for September in the preceding July.  However, deposit required upon enrolment for students entering ESF schools will be unaffected.

RCL is due upon acceptance of school place offer.

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