ESF Kindergarten Class A Debenture Scheme

Information and procedures
  1. The cost is HK$500,000 per ESF Kindergarten Class A Debenture.
  2. A maximum of 150 Class A Debenture will be issued every year.
  3. Debenture holders are guaranteed priority “play visit” for K1 admission (after children of full-time staff and siblings of students attending an ESF  school).
  4. The Debenture entitles the holder to a one time nomination of one child for a place at an ESF International Kindergarten.
  5. The Debenture deposit of HK$50,000 is refundable if a child is unsuccessful at the “play visit”.
  6. The remaining balance of HK$450,000 is payable immediately when a place is accepted.
  7. Sibling rights apply once the first child is enrolled into and attending an ESF school.
  8. Applications will be considered in strict order of receipt.
  9. Please hand or courier delivery the ESF Kindergarten Class A Debenture Application Form and cheque to the English Schools Foundation, Kindergarten Debenture Scheme, 25/F, 1063 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, marked for the attention of the Admissions Manager. Applications received will be dated and time stamped. Applications cannot be lodged at a kindergarten.
  10. The Kindergarten Debenture holder may indicate up to 3 kindergartens in order of preference at which the Nominee can be considered. Waitlist placement will be considered for each kindergarten listed in turn. The kindergartens identified in respect of any applicant can only be changed with the consent of ESF.
  11. Parents must undertake to make their own travel arrangements for their child if living outside the area covered by the school bus service.
  12. If all available Debentures for selected kindergarten(s) are taken, application and deposit cheque will be returned and name and contact details will be placed on the central interest list for the first choice kindergarten. Interest list applicants will be contacted if and when a Debenture becomes available.
  13. Confirmation of Debenture priority is dependent on the clearance of the deposit cheque.
  14. The offer of a place will be conditional on passing the “play visit” held at the kindergarten. The final decision whether to offer a place rests with the kindergarten.
  15. The final offer of a place will be conditional upon the relevant visa proof being provided as noted at:
  16. The Debenture is not set against school tuition.
  17. If the student accepts the place at an ESF Kindergarten, once they complete K2, they will be offered a place at one of our ESF primary schools or colleges if they can access a mainstream education. At this stage, the debenture will be converted into an Individual Nomination Right (INR). If the child transfers to Discovery College or Renaissance College, the Debenture holder will receive a HK$100,000 refund as the cost of an INR for these two colleges is HK$400,000. Students will then complete their time with us by guaranteed a place through to secondary school.

Application Arrangements for K1 (children born in 2017)

ESF Class A Kindergarten Debenture applications for students seeking admission to K1 in August 2020 may be made from 10:00 am on Monday, 16 September 2019. Read more about submission details.

Application form and links:

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Updated on: 25 October 2019