Career Development Service


Career Development Service for Special Educational Needs Students aims at providing vocational training opportunities for Year 12 and 13 Special Needs students in ESF schools. This plays an important role in providing work placement or work experience opportunities for students to actually access to the work environment, to use and apply classroom-based training and knowledge in real-life job situations in regards to business, administration, retail, hospitality and catering etc.

By providing work placement for students in Learning Support Class, they can not only gain confidence and independence skills working outside the classroom, but also develop a sense of contribution and self-awareness which can be very rewarding. All these invaluable experiences will definitely help them grow and develop employability skills for the future that will be useful after their graduation.

For more information, please watch this video:

Message for Employers

If you are an employer and interested in offering work placement or work experience opportunities to our students, it makes a valuable contribution to your business by:

  • Providing the skilled workers needed for the future
  • Making you more competitive
  • Increasing productivity

Please do not hesitate to contact Fion Ng, Career Development Manager via email at or by phone at +852 3572 8536.