University Destinations and Areas of Studies

Higher Education Destinations for the ESF Class of 2021


By now most of our Year 13 students from 2021 have started their higher education courses. A small number of students (roughly 11%) have decided to take either a gap year, start full-time employment or do military service.

Students from the class of 2021 are attending higher education institutions in 24 different countries around the world; the most popular being the UK, Hong Kong, USA, Canada and Australia.

*Other destinations include: Mainland China (PRC), Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Sweden, Italy, Malaysia, South Africa, Bahrain, Thailand, Czech Republic, Croatia, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Indonesia and Switzerland.

Our class of 2021 will study in over two hundred different higher education institutions, the most popular being the University of Hong Kong. Some other popular institutions are shown in the tables below.

Our schools offer students an opportunity to study an array of subjects at university and there is hardly an area of study unrepresented. The most popular courses for our class of 2021 include business related courses (149 students), law (66 students), engineering (60 students), medicine (56 students), psychology (46 students) and biochemistry (30 students).

We wish all our graduating students well and look forward to keeping in touch with them through our alumni network.